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I never cared about... 
10:40am 26/07/2004
  The petpets the Fruit Machine gives out.

How do they live in this? Do they eat some of the fruits in there? Can they breathe?
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12:42am 04/07/2004
  I joined. Yay. Hmm...I haven't seen much Petpet abuse, besides Mal occasionally getting mad at Black Fang and stuff, but that's about it. o.o  
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You're right... 
02:53pm 01/07/2004
mood: angry
You're right, it's not just Slorgs. We have to protect petpets! I saw my new sister hugging her Anubis until it's eyes popped! It was disgusting and terrible...Poor thing...
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07:02pm 19/06/2004
  Hello, my name is Oribaa. As you can notice...I'm a Mutant JubJub.

The entire point of this community is to moan about the petpet torture.